“Wild Edens: Russia” documentary captures the rugged and extreme beauty of the country’s most remote and isolated regions, revealing the magical ecosystems that are being threatened by climate change.

Over several months, the Wild Edens film crew carried their kit to the most remote corners of a territory stretching 10,000 kilometers from East to West and forming the biggest country on our planet. The documentary features some of the least explored parts of Russia – Altai, Amur, Kamchatka, Yamal, and the Arctic. In each region, the crew uncovered how species have adapted to Russia’s challenging terrain: from polar bears, hunting on melting ice caps, and musk oxen coping with punishing Arctic conditions, to the toad-headed agama lizards doing their best to survive in the scorched desert near the Caspian Sea.

These precious habitats and the animals that call them home are under direct threat from climate change as a result of global warming occurring around the world. The film captures the incredible diversity of this immense wilderness, demonstrate the shooting process of the film, and lead you to think what might be done to mitigate such potential destruction.