The Wilderness: An Endangered Landscape?

As humanity’s footprint on planet Earth grows with each passing year, so too does the risk of wild, beautiful landscapes disappearing from our planet.

That’s why a unique project, Wild Edens, which is brought to you by Rosatom and will be broadcast by National Geographic, will provide an insight into some of the world’s harshest and most remote climes. Our film crew spent months meticulously observing the behaviors of the world’s rarest and most endangered species struggling to adapt to a changing environment. This is their story.


What is Wild Edens?

Wild Edens is an ambitious project aimed at increasing public awareness of the environment, global warming, climate change and the threat it poses to the global ecosystem.

Climate change is a major problem facing humankind. It is well known and at the top of the news agenda. What is not well known is that nuclear energy is extremely low in carbon emissions – even lower than solar energy. This makes it a viable source of stable, large-scale energy supply that contributes to the solution of global warming.